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Business Hours: We are now open Monday - Thursday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Fridays by appointment only.

Guardianship AttorneyThe Role Of The Attorney For Those Requesting Guardianship

The petitioner’s attorney helps gather evidence to show that the person needs a guardian and who would be best suited for the role.

An attorney already understands the requirements under Chapter 35A. This includes understanding who is disqualified and what evidence is necessary to show that someone needs guardianship. Additionally, you must have a guardianship lawyer capable of introducing this evidence to the court in a non-objectionable manner.

The Role Of The Attorney For Those Subject To Guardianship

The guardian ad litem’s role is to understand the respondent’s needs and make sure they are met. This includes talking to all interested parties, understanding the medical situation, and understanding the financial needs. Once all of this information is gathered, the guardian ad litem can help the respondent meet their needs on a daily basis.

Guardianship can have a big impact on a person’s life, especially if they are adjudicated incompetent. An attorney can explain the complexities of guardianship and how it will affect the person’s civil rights moving forward if they are adjudicated incompetent.

Ultimately, they are responsible for investigating the facts of the case and presenting their findings to the court. In doing so, they must be compassionate and dig deep in order to fully understand the needs of the respondent.

What We Look For Before Starting On A Case

At our family law firm, we always start by asking why the person believes that their loved one can no longer manage their own affairs. This is such an important question because it helps us understand the reasoning behind their concern. People come to us for many different reasons, but usually, it’s because they’re seeing something in their loved one’s life that is cause for alarm. We need to get to the bottom of this so we can help them in the best way possible.

Our firm is interested in understanding changes in their health, including changes in personality, memory, and daily activities. We want to know what concerns them and whether they have spoken to a doctor recently. We also ask about their primary doctor, if they have one, and whether they are volatile or acting erratic or dangerous.

We want to know why they think it’s appropriate to seek guardianship. We share that they will be asking the court to take this person’s freedom away and limit their abilities to make choices. There must be a compelling reason for the court to do this.

Discover The Difference An Expert Can Make

Cases involving guardianship can often be lengthy, complex, and difficult to manage. To help ease the burden on families and friends, we have decided to handle these cases with compassion and understanding. Our team of attorneys will work hard to make sure that your family is taken care of throughout the entire process.

We understand that when a family member is facing legal issues, the last thing they want to worry about is money. That’s why we offer flat-fee pricing for our services. This way, our clients can focus on what’s important and leave the details to us.

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