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Mental Health And Substance Abuse

A Holistic Approach To Legal Issues

Dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues can be debilitating. Whether you are dealing with these matters on your own or you are watching a loved one suffer, it can be hard to know where to turn when the law gets involved.

At Hometown Counsel, this practice area is a point of passion for us. We strive to provide results and protections for those suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. We want to help you with establishing a better life – with your health being our number one priority.

With years of experience providing thoughtful legal guidance, Attorney Holden Clark has helped individuals dealing with a vast array of personal and professional life challenges. His attentive approach to this practice will ensure that both you and your loved ones are receiving clear and informed legal direction every step of the way.

How A Mental Health And Substance Abuse Lawyer Can Help You

If you or your loved one is involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility, it can feel as though you have no control over the situation. While the primary objective of commitment is to get the patient feeling physically and mentally healthy, establishing a clear plan and timeline is the best way to create a progress-driven objective.

In circumstances where one’s mental health issues have gone too far, it is important to not give up hope. By creating a plan of action that facilitates the mending of broken relationships and deep behavioral changes, our firm is able to get our clients back on track toward regaining control of their lives.

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What Qualifies Hometown Counsel To Manage Mental Health And Substance Abuse Issues?

Since 2014, Holden Clark has been the only attorney in Gaston County appointed to manage mental health and substance abuse matters. Because of this, he has earned respect among the court and his peers as a competent mental health lawyer.

Attorney Holden Clark has had his own personal relationships with those struggling with mental health problems. This allows him to empathize deeply with the clients he works with, thus giving him the tools necessary to effectively understand and communicate their needs in a legal setting.

Hometown Counsel: A Substance Abuse And Mental Health Law Firm That Is Here For You

We are proud to serve Gaston, Lincoln, and Cleveland counties with our thoughtful and attentive approach to legal services.

Whether you need a substance abuse attorney or a mental health disability lawyer, Hometown Counsel stands ready to provide you with the support you deserve. These matters can be difficult to deal with, especially when the law gets involved. Our firm’s goal is to offer our clients sustainable legal solutions so that they can move forward toward a brighter future.

We understand that no two legal issues are the same. That’s why the professionals at Hometown Counsel emphasize the importance of working with our clients to make educated legal decisions together. Creating personalized strategies is a strong suit of Attorney Holden Clark, and he is prepared to do just that for you.

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