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We typically represent landlords. We represent landlords in an effort to educate landlords on best practices so they can have good relationships with their tenants. We hope to help landlords until they have built a practice that is so effective, they’re able to keep their tenants without issues. The more that we can help our landlords, eventually they won’t even need our services.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Cases Or Most Common Issues Or Disputes That You Deal With In This Arena?

The most common types of issues are financial issues and poor communication. Poor communication usually occurs when the party fails to understand the contractual obligations. Perhaps they did not receive requests in the most ideal format, or maybe things aren’t getting done in a timely manner.

What Steps Can Be Taken To Avoid These Issues That Come Up With Landlord/ Tenant Issues?

The best way to avoid issues is by crafting a strong agreement that is worded in plain and simple terms. A strong agreement should be a substantial bargain between the landlord and tenant, written in a very easy-to-understand form, while also outlining a broad array of scenarios. The more scenarios included, the better. This way, everyone has a full understanding.

Consistent and clear communication means that you’re communicating the same way to each and every tenant. Use the same forms and email templates so that there’s no question about the meaning or the delivery of your communications.

When Should I Seek Help From An Attorney When It Comes To Landlord/ Tenant Issues?

As soon as you realize you cannot work out your issue with your landlord or tenant, contact an attorney. Any communication needs to be in writing so that it is black and white as to what was said and what wasn’t said.

Fair housing standards have significant sanctions. There’s a standard for unfair and deceptive trade practices. These can lead to any damages that a tenant may receive being tripled. For a tenant, you want to get an attorney involved as early as possible to save money. You may be paying for a property that is not up to code and doesn’t meet the minimum standards. Most people don’t know that you can be evicted for that. Having an attorney that knows your rights and knows how to communicate those rights is the most efficient route to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

What Resources Are Available If We Cannot Resolve A Dispute? Will We Have To Go To Court And What About Mediation?

If a dispute cannot be resolved, typically landlord/tenant disputes end up in small claims court where each party can represent themselves. In this case, if one of the parties doesn’t like the outcome, they can appeal to a higher, more formal level of court. We also have a local mediation center that charges $65 for mediation.

I remind my landlords that it’s always more reasonable and more inexpensive to keep a tenant. It’s more affordable to work around existing issues and resolve them in a manner that helps each party to compromise. To come to a mutually beneficial agreement and continue a business relationship, landlords and tenants can get creative, as long as it’s within the law.

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