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There are two sides to education law.

On one side are attorneys that help the school board and educators. On the other side are attorneys like me, who focus on helping families and children who are enrolled in public or private schools. We seek to ensure an even playing field for children. Children with varying degrees of capacity, physical challenges, or learning challenges should all be supported appropriately. This includes making sure specific needs are met for all special education students. We help by creating individualized education plans for the success of students.

9 times out of 10 when there are disciplinary issues such as a school suspension or expulsion, there are underlying causes that are not being addressed. We assist with school suspensions or expulsions, especially when they are related to the mental health of a child. We also advocate for students with Title 9 issues, which are discriminatory practices that can occur at both the college and grade school levels.

Who Do You Represent In These Cases?

We advocate for families and for children.

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