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Special proceedings are proceedings that take place in front of the court or in front of the clerk of court.

Special proceedings can be anything from a petition to get personal property back, a petition to sell property by a partition, a petition for property to be sold, and the funds be divided equally. These are all processes that require very specialized skills.

What Do I Do If I Own A Property With Someone Else And They’ve Kicked Me Out Of It?

For people that aren’t married, there is a process called a Petition to Partition. Petition to Partition allows us to request the court to determine the value of a property and to appoint a third party to oversee the sale of a property. The third party, known as the commissioner, would receive 5% for their role in selling a property. Each party has the right to buy the other party out for the fair market share of the property, however, it is common for folks who have inherited a piece of property to prefer not to buy the other party out. Partition may be the only mechanism for someone to get their money back out of a property that is otherwise owned jointly with other people.

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