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Spousal Support Or Alimony Is DeterminedIn this article, you will learn…

  • If a spouse can get spousal support during the divorce process,
  • How long spousal support or alimony can be paid to a spouse, and
  • What factors could impact spousal support or alimony.

Can A Spouse Get Alimony Or Spousal Support During The Divorce Process In North Carolina?

Yes, a spouse can get alimony or spousal support during the divorce process in North Carolina. Post-separation support is the way in which a spouse can receive support pending divorce after separation.

Post-separation support is intended for the benefit of a dependent spouse and it is paid by the supporting spouse. The dependent spouse has relied on the income of the other party and their income is outweighed or substantially reduced by their current liabilities.

How Long Will Spousal Support Or Alimony Be Paid In North Carolina? What Factors Determine The Length Of Payment?

Here’s the most shocking thing about alimony and spousal support in North Carolina: there is no hard and fast rule as to how long spousal support or alimony will be paid.

The typical guideline that you will see is that someone will receive spousal support until either the case has been resolved or they’ve met at least half the life of the marriage, depending on how long the litigation goes.

A court will typically order alimony for the length that’s equal to at least one-half the length of the marriage. If the parties were married for around 30 years, they usually meet the guidelines for lifetime alimony.

Are There Other Factors Such As Length Of Marriage, Adultery, Or Other Fault That Influence The Amount Or Length Of Time And Whether Or Not A Spouse Will Get Any Alimony Or Spousal Support?

In North Carolina, there are statutes that will bar or reduce alimony or post-spousal support based on the actions of the opposing party. When a party engages in marital misconduct, that can certainly be considered in making a determination of alimony. Marital misconduct can be…

  • Verbal abuse,
  • Mental abuse,
  • Physical abuse,
  • Excessive drinking,
  • Substance abuse,
  • Infidelity, or
  • Any conduct that would be so cumbersome that it would cause any reasonable person to not be able to live happily.

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