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Family Law Cases We Handle

Family law is at the heart of what we do, and families are at the heart of who we help. We serve as your legal advocates and advisors on any of the following essential family law matters:

  • Child Custody, Visitation Rights, and Child Support: The well-being of our children is essential, and divorce can come with any number of complications. We are here to help you and them through any of the difficulties that can arise.
  • Divorce: Sometimes there is no way forward in a relationship, and the best solution is to separate. We can help guide you through an amicable uncontested resolution or ardently represent your interests in contested divorce litigation.
  • Domestic Violence And Restraining Orders: When your life and safety are at stake, do not hesitate to seek help. We will help ensure you get the protection you and your family deserve against domestic violence and abuse.
  • Mediation Services: Many issues and disputes can be solved peacefully, however. If both parties arrive at the table rational and ready to compromise, our mediation services can save you time, stress, and money.
  • Guardianship: When parents are no longer there, or able, to care for their children, or when disease or disability makes us incapable of caring for ourselves, we can help establish new legal guardians and advise temporary Guardians Ad Litem to ensure the best interest of their wards are maintained.
  • Mental Health And Substance Abuse: Whether confined voluntarily or involuntarily for substance abuse or mental health reasons, you still deserve a voice and empathetic legal guidance. Hometown Counsel can help you through these trying times.

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