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Business Hours: We are now open Monday - Thursday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Fridays by appointment only.

My name is Holden Clark. I have been the managing attorney of Hometown Counsel for approximately two years and have practiced law for about nine. When attending law school, I did not think I would find myself providing guardianship services or focusing on mental health. Still, it quickly became something I was very passionate about.Mental health is a very important topic to me. My passion for providing mental health services started when I became head of a mental health program with our local public defender’s office. I have handled voluntary commitments and other mental health needs for the last eight years. I feel genuinely passionate about this area of my legal profession because I know that I am making a difference.

This passion stems from a dear friend who had mental health issues during college. Unfortunately, he took his life before anybody knew about his struggles.

Who This Book Is For?

Do you have a loved one struggling with poor mental health? Are you feeling lost and unsure what to do for your friend or family? This book is for you.

Inside, you’ll find a practical guide to help your loved ones get their needed resources. Learn how to navigate the often complex mental health treatment world, and discover what role you can play in your loved one’s recovery. With this book as your ally, you can make a difference in the life of someone you care about.

Mental health issues and physical illnesses that affect the mind often have negative stigmas. With my help, those affected can find a healthy way forward with the necessary resources and support. I hope to help people understand that we can take away some of that power from the stigma by talking about these things more openly.

The Three Different Types Of Guardianship In North Carolina

Regarding guardianship, we refer to a situation where someone else is appointed to make decisions on your behalf. This can happen in various legal contexts but typically occurs when individuals cannot make decisions for themselves due to mental incapacity.

If you are facing legal proceedings, guardianship can offer vital protection. In the context of legal proceedings, guardianship refers to someone who is appointed to protect your interests and ensure that you understand the proceedings. A guardian can offer their thoughts and opinions on what is best for you and can intervene on your behalf if necessary.

There are three types of guardians: the guardian of the person, the guardian of the state, and the general guardian. The first type is responsible for protecting the individual, while the second protects society. The third type combines both, acting as protector and caretaker.

The person’s guardian is responsible for their day-to-day needs, medical decisions, and residential and financial affairs. This critical role ensures that the person’s needs are met and they can live as independently as possible. The guardian will also ensure that your banking needs are taken care of. This includes ensuring that your investment accounts and other assets or liabilities are managed properly and that you have the resources you need in case of financial insolvency.

My Role As Your Guardianship Attorney

As a lawyer who specializes in guardianship cases, I often find myself representing people who are facing the possibility of having a guardian appointed for them.

In my role as their advocate, I help them understand the process, their options, and their objectives if they feel they are capable of managing their own affairs. In court, it is my job to provide evidence of their ability to the judge. The opportunity to provide ad litem guardianship support is one part of my legal work that I appreciate the most. It’s a tiny portion of what I do – but it is very fulfilling.

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